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Made with Kenny’s Hand Dipped Vanilla

Small $3.99
Medium                  $4.49
Large $6.79

Sundae Flavors*
Chocolate; Strawberry; Cherry; Hot Fudge; Pineapple; Caramel; Peanut Butter; Butterscotch; Marshmallow; Chocolate Marshmallow; Peanut Butter Fudge
Add Nuts $.50

 Banana Splits
Strawberry, Chocolate, Pineapple, Nuts, and Whip Cream

Small                        $5.19
Large $7.39


Small                        $4.15
Large $5.15

Tornado Flavors*
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup; Oreo; Snickers; Banana; Butterfinger; Cherry;  Strawberry; M&M; Reese’s Pieces; Heath Bar; Cookie Dough

Milk Shakes Malts
Thick Thick
       Small      $3.49       $3.79        Small       $3.64       $3.94
Medium $4.49 $4.79 Medium $4.59 $4.99
Large $6.49 $6.79 Large $6.59 $6.99

Milk Shake & Malt Flavors*
Vanilla; Chocolate; Oreo; Root Beer; Strawberry; Cherry; Butterscotch; Pina Colada; Pineapple; Peanut Butter; Raspberry; Mango; Coffee; Caramel; Grapenut

Small Medium Large
Ice Krusher Snow Cone in Cup           $1.89        $2.29        $3.29
Slush $2.29 $2.79 $4.09
Freeze Slush and Ice Cream $2.99 $3.69 $5.29

Mango; Cherry; Orange; Blue Raspberry; Grape; Strawberry; Bubble Gum;  Root Beer; Mint; Lemon Lime

*All flavors subject to change

*All prices before tax and subject to change